Introduction to Musler Engineering

          Musler Engineering Company, located at 32 Portwest Court in St. Charles, Missouri, was founded as a civil engineering and land surveying consulting firm in 1992.  Since its inception, the company has performed planning, design and zoning representation on a variety of residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and recreational projects.  The firm maintains corporate certificates of authority to offer both professional engineering and land surveying in the State of Missouri. 

            Today we employ professional engineers and surveyors, technicians and support personnel enabling us to provide complete land surveying and civil engineering services.  Our principal area of operation is St. Charles County, although we have performed services in neighboring Missouri counties and Illinois. 

            Our personnel have extensive experience. Our project staff has all been with Musler Engineering Company for over a decade providing continuity of management.  All of our office staff has been provided with CAD capability and our field survey crews are equipped with electronic surveying equipment consisting of total stations and geographical positioning systems.